Brothers Zoran and Vladimir Lisinac have a passion for filmmaking. They are multi award winning Serbian-American filmmakers who aim to write, fund, produce, direct, and distribute independent feature films and TV shows.

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Zoran Lisinac’s (1983, Serbia) creative spirit was in full swing even when he was just a child. At the age of 9, Zoran’s comic books were published weekly in the local magazine and at 19 Zoran became a student of filmmaking full time when he was one of 7 students to be accepted at the prestigious film school in Belgrade called Danube Film Academy.

After finishing film school, Zoran then made the move to Los Angeles to further pursue his dream of filmmaking. Since 2005, Zoran started writing behind the front desk of a Holiday Inn hotel in Santa Monica and since then has written six feature-length screenplays with full support of his managers. In mid-2007, Zoran formed Lisinac Bros. Productions, formerly Metakwon Filmworks with his brother Vladimir, and immediately started writing Along the Roadside, an original story for his multiple award winning directorial debut in 2012. Zoran has said goodbye to the hotel, but he has kept the fascination with the cultural diversity and integration to which the Santa Monica’s tourist hot spot exposed him and which will find a way in his later works. 





Post Production


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The Islander, an original motion picture fantasy/adventure is a true Hollywood movie experience. Big and lavish production design, grandiose costumes, big action, and bold characters in an eternal fight between good and evil.

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the islander


American Widow

In Development


A depressed and suicidal widow is parenting her teenage daughter, youngest daughter entering, and hiding from a son serving in Afghanistan the family's father brutal killing a year earlier. Black lives matter themed drama inspired by true events.